CNA Certification



Roxanne Moon RN/Program Director/DSD/Instructor

North Bay CNA Training Program is a 25 day California State approved program from start to finish.
What you need to know about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and becoming an integral part of the health care team.
CNA’s are always in demand and you can make a significant difference in someone’s life. It’s challenging and rewarding.
Our CNA Training Program in Sonoma County, will prepare you with the information, knowledge, skills and experience you will need to be a Nurse Assistant, providing quality care for residents/patients in long term care facilities, hospitals and home care.

Program length:
Our full time program is 25 days.
Our weekend program is 12 weeks.

Hours of program:
Our full time program is Monday thru Friday.

There is (1) one makeup day (a student is allowed to miss only (8) eight hours total for the program. This includes combined theory and or clinical. If a student misses more than (8) eight hours, the student will not be eligible to graduate, however, the student will be able to make up the time, the next class session. The student will be required to make up the theory/clinical that he or she missed, if more than (8) eight hours..

The student will first read and learn through lecture, how to:
1. Wash your hands, (yes there is a proper way)
2. How to dress for infection control.
3. Take a blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature
4. How to weight and measure residents
5. How to calculate cc/ml, for intake and output (you’ll learn!)
6. How your body functions, i.e. your heart, lungs, kidneys and how everything works together.
These are just a few exciting areas we will be covering.
There will be quizzes after each chapter and 2 exams plus a final exam on graduation day.

Skills lab:
1. The skills we talk about in theory, we will put into practice in our skills lab.
2. There are 25 different and specific skills you will be required to learn

Clinical experience:
After we have completed our theory/lab portion of our program, you will take all that knowledge and experience you have learned and we will take you to our clinical site, for training. Training will consist of working with a CNA and taking care of the residents. You will be assisting the CNA, employee, with everything you learned in the skills lab portion of our program. Now you will put it into practice. We will be right there with you.

State Testing:
North Bay CNA Training Program will arrange for you to take the California State Competency Exam. There are several places offering the test in Santa Rosa, as well as across the bay area and east bay.
The student will be required to demonstrate the practical training he or she learned. The state examiner will test and determine if the student is ready to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The student will be asked to perform 3 of the 25 skills that he/she learned during the program. In addition to the practical portion of the state test, the student will be required to take a written exam, which will consist of the theory portion of our program. There are also practice exams which will prepare you for the state written exam.

Duties a CNA performs:
Takes vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiratory rate).
Monitors patients/residents and reports any changes of condition to charge nurse.
Showers residents
Dresses residents
Transfers residents
Reposition residents

Respects residents rights, i.e. privacy, confidentiality
Records intake and output
Assist with feeding residents
Ambulating residents (walking)
Specimens for testing
Know facility safety procedures and responds to emergencies

Family and patient interaction
Provides compassionate care
A CNA spends the most time with residents/patients than any other member of the health care team.
A CNA is compassionate, patient, honest, a team player, healthy, (both physically and mentally.) The position of a CNA requires sufficient strength to assist residents with their activities of daily living. They are essentially a nurse’s “right hand.” CNA’s are an essential part of our health care team.

Helpful Facts Regarding CNA License Renewal:
For each two-year period of certification, CNA’s are required to
obtain 48 hours of in-service or continuing education.
They must complete at least 12 CEU’s the first year; the
remaining 36 credits may be taken the second year.

CNA’S may obtain 24 CEU’s online.  Additional Continuing Education Units must be obtained in an inservice setting.
CNA’s are required to keep a written, cumulative list of the in-service/continuing education hours they complete for four years.

You can contact the Department of Public Health with any questions regarding your CNA license:

Department of Public Health
ATCS MS 3301
P.O. Box 997415
Sacramento, CA  95899

Phone: 916.327.2445
Fax: 916.552.8785